Welcome to Veteran Crew - EverQuest Guild
We're currently raiding some of The Darkened Seas and The Broken Mirror content, and starting Empires of Kunark progresson. Click the Forums link for more information and to visit our forums.






About Veteran Crew
Veteran Crew was created by a group of friends looking to have a home where they, and others, could have fun, learn, grow, and expand through the generosity and support of each other. Strong leadership, loyal membership, perseverance, and the desire to help each other has made VC what it is today. VC is a guild of friends coming together to become family, weaving a strong web of unique talents and skills to accomplish what is set before us. We won’t take over Norrath in a day, but we will grow both in friendship, strength, and force to take over one corner at a time to survive what comes our way. We support each other for goals and achievements that work together to make each other stronger so VC can become stronger. As VC travels throughout the lands of EQ, we respect each other and those others around us. We raise our swords proudly and we speak with honor.